Mount Alvernia High School, Newton, Massachusetts
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Eleanor Mariani
Animal Print
I have been a vegan for the past four years, and over this period of time have tried to spread a cruelty free lifestyle. As well as I have gone to multiple Peta protests in conjunction my love for the artist Banksy has grown. Banksy creates propaganda street art, that revolves around societal and humanitarian issues. Using my love for animals as well as street art I created Animal Print. Animal Print is my spin on Banksy’s art as well as my love for fashion. I created multiple stencils, refining them done to the three that were used. I spray painted these stencils on a raw canvas dress that I made. The rawness of the dress adds to the vulnerability and passion in this project. My main message is to display the brutality that the animals have to go through in order for us to gain materialistic items.