Mount Alvernia High School, Newton, Massachusetts
R e c o r d s 4 o f 6 LiNK TO Liqian  Huang's  SENiOR  SYMPOSiUM
Liqian Huang
The Culture and Landscape Treasure of China
The Culture and Landscape Treasure of China is a group of paintings which represent the beauty and characteristics of China. China is an Asian country which is relatively mysterious to Western nations. I included two images of the landscape and two pictures of the Giant Panda in my artwork. One of the landscapes shows the beauty of China in the morning, and the other one indicates the beauty of the sunset. Meanwhile, Giant Panda is a “national treasure” of China. China sends the Giant Panda to different countries as a gift which implies peace and friendship between the whole world. My mentor artist is Zhang Daqian, who was famous for his calligraphy and painting. He inspired me to include both the writing and the art in my artwork.