Mount Alvernia High School, Newton, Massachusetts
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Mary Gosselin
Salty Hair and Sandy Toes
Salty Hair & Sandy Toes is an acrylic painting on canvas paper that displays East Bay in Osterville, Massachusetts at its prime. Right before sunset when the sky begins to change colors, there is a calm in the bay. It is at this moment when life starts to make sense for me as I drive past the boat landing at the bay on my way to the beach. Spending my summers on Cape Cod, I feel like I have spent my life growing up with salty hair and sandy feet. My idea of a place to escape from reality is to be surrounded by the people I love at Dowses Beach in Osterville sitting in "the circle". This circle is made up of my family and family friends who all spend their summers in this hidden jewel town on the Cape. Every weekend begins on Friday at 4:30 at Dowses Beach. That's when all of those who come down on the weekends are out of work, and all those who are lucky enough to be in Osterville the entire summer decide to saunter down to the beach from various summer activities. This is my happy place, and this is home. No matter where I go or what I do, I will always have Dowses Beach and this circle of people to fall back on.