Mount Alvernia High School, Newton, Massachusetts
R e c o r d s 2 o f 12 LiNK TO Elizabeth  Ellms's  SENiOR  SYMPOSiUM
Elizabeth Ellms
Lights Camera Action
Lights Camera Fashion is a group of three fabric swatches which are composed of the same design, each with a different color scheme. The three swatches are just samples of a design that I created on paper and had printed on fabric with intentions of having it later used to make a scarf. I wanted all three designs to be different color schemes depending on the seasons of fall, winter, and summer. I am going to be a part of the fashion program at Marist College, so I really wanted to come up with a project that represents me as an art student as well as an aspiring fashion designer. By creating this project I want to convey to the viewer that fashion plays a major role in our everyday lives and anything you want can be considered fashion no matter what it is and how people view it. When I create fashion designs I put my whole self into my designs and I want them to represent me as a creative artist who is not afraid of challenges or taking risks in my work.