Mount Alvernia High School, Newton, Massachusetts
R e c o r d s 1 o f 12 LiNK TO Gaoyun (Cassie)  Ding's  SENiOR  SYMPOSiUM
Gaoyun (Cassie) Ding
Nostalgia for the Tai Lake
Nostalgia for the Tai Lake contains two paintings of Tai Lake; one for daylight and one for night. My hometown Wuxi is a city located near Tai Lake, which is one of five major freshwater lakes in China. During the spring season, sakura flowers will bloom in Turtle Head Park, creating the most beautiful and memorable moments in spring. The reason I chose to paint it is because I believed such a beautiful view needed to be recorded and I want to show this view to more people so they may enjoy this nice landscape in my hometown. My mentor artist, Claude Monet, inspired me to paint the landscape in an Impressionistic style, which I felt was the best way to show such a beautiful season in my hometown.