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Antoinede Saint-Exupery

Gaoyun (Cassie) Ding 

The Indivisible Relationship between China and Taiwan: Pros and Cons

Saint-Exupéry’s Exploration of Human Nature

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a man who, in addition to devoting his professional life to flying, was also an influential author in the twentieth century. Throughout his often semi-autobiographical work, Saint-Exupéry depicts characters in search of humankind’s value on the earth. All of Saint-Exupéry’s works celebrate the potential of human beings. For example, in Wind, Sand and Stars, the author relates a story of his friend, Guilaument, who falls into the bottom of snow valley following a plane crash. Rather than succumbing to hopelessness or pain, however, he depends on his perseverance and strength to help him survive. Guilaument has such strong will to survive, not for his own sake but for that of his family and in this way, he serves as an excellent example of the characters in Exupéry’s works.

The relationship between China and Taiwan remained a controversial and sensitive topic from the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. The Chinese government maintained its opinion about Taiwan which was that Taiwan was part of China since ancient time. The government kept trying their best to lead Taiwan back to China and never gave up. However, some Taiwanese government leaders and citizens argued that Taiwan was not part of China. They saw themselves as Taiwanese but not Chinese. In recent years, some leaders in Taiwan even began to call for independence. However despite some political struggles, Chinese government officials continued to assert that Taiwan had an indivisible relationship with China.They cited much evidence proving that China had ruled Taiwan for many periods from the ancient time. Some Taiwanese supporters, however, note Japanese and aboriginal influences in the history of Taiwan; they argue that Chinese influences were not the only ones.

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 Link to Gaoyun Ding's Senior Art Thesis