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Amanda Aragones 

The History of the Metropolitan Police, London

Robert Galbraith: Exploring the Identity of an Anti-Hero

In Robert Galbraith’s Cormoran Strike detective series, the titular protagonist attempts to discover his real identity by steering himself away from his negative past and redeeming himself through his impressive and consuming detective work. Strike’s past has haunted him and given him a sense of self with which he is dissatisfied and a public reputation that he does not believe fits who he is at all. Two elements in particular define him to outsiders: having a prosthetic leg due to an explosion while fighting in the army, and being the son of the famous superstar Jeff Rokeby and a super groupie drug addict, neither of which he wants to define his identity. As Strike struggles daily with his repressed emotions and constantly deals with the memories from his past, he tries to push forward positively into the future as a brave and successful detective who wants to earn his fame from his talent and the hard work that he puts into all of his investigations.

Similar to Cormoran Strike, Home Secretary Robert Peel placed crime prevention first in his life, making sure the people in London remained protected and safe. The crime rate in London scared the citizens and they wanted it eliminated and the criminals punished. In 1829, Robert Peel had the skill, intelligence, and power to establish the successful and elite Metropolitan Police Force in London. The Met improved the city as a whole, limiting the crime rate and making London a much safer place to live, thanks to Robert Peel. Robberies, prostitution, murders, and drunken conduct were the biggest crimes taking place in London and the Met worked tirelessly to prevent these dangerous, disruptive crimes under the determination and guidance of Robert Peel. The ineffective law enforcement groups, such as the Abbey Authorities of Westminster, tried to achieve order before the establishment of the Met, but failed and the crime remained. Only with the establishment of the Met did the safety and protection in London change for the better.

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