Mount Alvernia High School, Newton, Massachusetts

   Senior Symposium     All Seniors at Mount Alvernia High School are required to complete a Senior Symposium project. This project is the culmination of their years of preparation in English and in history. It consists of a research paper for history, an analytical paper for English, reflective essays, and a formal oral presentation, all under the direction of Dr. Melissa Lewis Heim, senior history teacher, and Ms. Rebecca Brown, senior English teacher. The students' papers are bound and become part of the permanent collection in the school library.
Web Site     This Web site presents an overview of the Symposium papers and Art Thesis. It was created by the senior Advanced Technology classes, under the direction of Mrs. Tatyana Finegold, technology coordinator and Mrs. Melissa Kinch, technology instructor.
R e c o r d s 11 t o 15 o f 34  SENIOR ART THESIS
   S t u d e n t  A u t h o r  H i s t o r y  T o p i c
 Jannine  Flaherty  Daniel  Woodrell   Mythological Proof on Historical Fact: The Development of Ethiopian Christianity
 Katherine  Garron  Matthew  Quick   The Anglo-American Alliance in Wartime: How the Royal Visit of 1939 Helped Strengthen an International Bond
 Nicole  Gleason  Lisa  Genova   Degenerative Diseases
 Amanda  Grant  Philip  Roth   Evolution of African American Music in America
 Michaela  Keenan  Tom Robb  Smith   Propaganda in the Soviet Union: Manipulation for a Perfect Society