Mount Alvernia High School, Newton, Massachusetts
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Julia Casallas
The Shadow of Desire
This art piece symbolizes the power of self identity and how a people perceive themselves. I was aiming to evoke emotion in this piece – I wanted people to see this and feel something. The name of this piece is The Shadow of Desire because the shadow on the wall represents the young girl’s dreams and aspirations. It is a reflection of her inner self, and quite literally the shadow of her desire. The young girl is shown in a hospital gown because I really wanted to get the idea of self perception across - just because you are one way now, does not mean you will be that way forever. Your aspirations are important, and your downfalls or incapability do not define you. The use of shadows and lighting throughout my painting was inspired by artistAugusteRenoir’s style, but my painting is a unique representation of myself.