Mount Alvernia High School, Newton, Massachusetts
R e c o r d s 11o f 16 LiNK TO Kristen  McDermott's  SENiOR  SYMPOSiUM
Kristen McDermott

For my senior symposium project, I created eight small still lifes representing important people and things in my life. I painted these still lifes in a similar painting style as artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Renoir used many different sized brushes and strokes to create a unique style of oil painting. Through my paintings, I represent my Mom, Dad, Gerard, Josh, Nana, and Grandpa. I chose to make my objects look as realistic as possible by using different strokes to really bring each object to life. My backgrounds consisted of neutral colors with highlighted colors of the objects in each still life. Renoir’s backgrounds were often made by a variety of colors and made especially different by the direction and size of brush strokes. I love how my work came out and I am very happy that I got a chance to represent the people I love through doing something I love and have a passion for.