Mount Alvernia High School, Newton, Massachusetts
R e c o r d s 9o f 16 LiNK TO Arianna  Marchetti's  SENiOR  SYMPOSiUM
Arianna Marchetti

Familiar Places
For my symposium art project, I used watercolors to paint abstract scenery of places I am familiar with. Heidi Keyes, the artist who inspired me for this project, paints places she has visited around the world and also places that she is surrounded by in her everyday life. Her style of painting is very carefree and she allows the colors to drip down the page creating an eye-catching, abstract effect. The reason why I was so inspired by her work is because of my interest in architecture. I plan on attending Roger Williams University in the fall where I will major in architecture. Heidi Keyes’ type of artwork also inspired me because I have never allowed myself to use an abstract technique with my work. I chose to paint places I was familiar with, such as my house and a scene in Boston. I believe that this project has given me the opportunity to try new ways of creating art in the future.