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Bartholomew  Gill

The Development of Peter McGarr in the Mysteries of Bartholomew Gill

The Effect of the American Revolution on Ireland

During the eighteenth century, the American Revolution sent political and economic ripples throughout Europe. The war granted independence from the British for the thirteen original American colonies and set an example for other nations to do the same. Direct effects of the Revolution brought political and economic influences to Ireland. Ireland was faced with high rent prices, unproductive land, trading restrictions and a decline in the major industries. Due to these harsh problems in eighteenth-century Ireland, many Irish immigrated to America. The American Revolution set an example for Ireland. It led Ireland to stand up to the British and eventually gain its independence.

The determination and strength Peter McGarr expresses in his job make him a dominant figure in Dublin society. Peter McGarr, the protagonist and main character in each of Bartholomew Gill’s seventeen mysteries faces new crimes, people, and problems in his life. Gill’s novels reveal the crimes of Ireland which include drugs, murder, and theft. Each character that McGarr deals with is involved with some element of criminal life. Gill uses these characters to reveal McGarr’s unique qualities and the actions he takes to solve his crimes. Through McGarr’s determination, boastful attitude, and eagerness to succeed, he is able to solve each mystery differently, restoring order to Dublin society.
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