M o u n t    A l v e r n i a   H i g h   S c h o o l ,   N e w t o n ,   M a s s a c h u s e t t s
   Senior Art Thesis    Each senior art student completes a Senior Art Thesis, under the direction of Ms. Erin Nelson, senior art teacher. The students present these at the Senior Art Exhibit on Symposium night. Each student's work of art demonstrates her unique use of color and preferred art medium. The creations are symbolic of the students' love for art and have messages for all to enjoy!
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  S t u d e n t   A r t   T i t l e
 Lara Bastajian  Painted Table
 Alexandra Bastajian  Painted Bookcase
 Jessica Baxter  Clay Tiles
 Alexandra Brinkert  Watercolor Painting
 Erin Carroll  One Picture in Four Different Media
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