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Erin  Carroll

One Picture in Four Different Media

When I first began thinking of my Senior Art Thesis, I was at a loss for what to do. The endless number of choices that the Senior Art Thesis presents is encouraging but also challenging. I could not choose between one medium or another for my thesis; therefore, I decided to incorporate four different media into my project. I chose a black and white photograph of flowers I had taken during a summer photography class and used that as my base. From there, I chose four different media to re-create the picture. For my media I chose watercolor, pastel, charcoal and oil paints. The oil paints version of my picture was inspired by Claude Monet’s Impressionistic style of painting. Monet’s use of color and light for his paintings, as well as his technique of layering paint colors inspired me for this version. The oil painting re-creation of the picture proved the most challenging as well as the most gratifying in the end. All pictures are 10”X12” and are placed on a 4”ft board that was spray painted black.

M A H S |||| A r t  T h e s i s  H o m e  P a g e |||| S y m p o s i u m   H o m e