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Jessica  Baxter

Clay Tiles

For my Senior Art Thesis, I chose to make two framed summer tiles . I was inspired to do this because I have vacationed at the Jersey Shore every year since I was a day old. This past summer I took several pictures of different scenes of the beach. I used these images to help in creating the tiles. I chose to do this project because it is something that I would enjoy working on as my last art assignment. The Jersey Shore is like my second home and means the world to me. I have many memories at the beach and by doing this I am able to reflect upon them as I look at the frame and tile pieces. I was inspired by the composition and scenery of Winslow Homer’s “Water Colors,” located at the Museum of Fine Arts.

M A H S |||| A r t  T h e s i s  H o m e  P a g e |||| S y m p o s i u m   H o m e