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Raymond  Carver

Raymond Carver: Real and Uncut

American Theatre Families


Courtney  Cavanaugh

Raymond Carver is a man of reality. All of his stories and works are based on real life situations and circumstances. He reveals his characters for what they really are and does not hide their flaws or try to make every ending happy or each story proceed flawlessly. His stories tell the truth of life and the mistakes everyone makes and the problems everyone encounters. He does not try to hide the fact that many people are depressed and are trying to repair their relationships and problems that have occurred in the past. Carver infuses fiction with a heavy dose of reality and gives a true telling of the way life really is and how people react to what happens to them. He compares different relationships and the struggles that are attached with each individual bond. Carverís short stories are an interesting perspective on the reality of life and inform readers of a world outside their own.

Raymond Carver wrote about the truth of American life. Many actors came to America to experience this truth and discover it for themselves. Over the past two centuries many theatre families, including the Booths, the Barrymores, and the Douglasí, were active on stage and in film. Thanks to familial support, those in the theatre world and the general public recognized and admired their work. The Booth family was infamous for having one of its members assassinate President Lincoln at Fordís Theatre. The Barrymores were known for the eclectic variety of their theatre and stage presence. The Douglasí were known for being among the first actors in film. Most of these theatre families derived their inspiration to act from one another. It was easier for someone to become involved in theatre if a family member were already involved. These families made a major impact by contributing their talents and skills to each other and to the theatre world.

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