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Anita  Shreve

Anita Shreve: Search for a Meaningful Relationship

The History of Basketball


Jessica  Baxter

James Naismith invented the game of basketball at the YMCA, in Springfield. Basketball played a major role in the development of high school athletics, both men’s, and women’s, in the United States. The establishment of a women’s professional league paved the way for a future of women in sports. Institutions recognized women’s athletics as equal. With equal opportunities, society viewed female players as authentic athletes. Women’s sports grew and more female athletes competed on a national level. Both men’s and women’s basketball was not just a sport that people could play, it was something people could watch and talk about together. The entertainment value increased as the game grew more popular in gymnasiums and on television.

Anita Shreve was born in Springfield Massachusetts, the birthplace of basketball. In her novels, The Pilot’s Wife, and Strange Fits of Passion, the main characters endure physical and emotional abuse in their relationships that draws them to escape and begin their lives over. The key question Shreve poses is how well does one know another person or even herself. Shreve’s characters discover their hardship through love, marriage, consequences of deception, and betrayal.

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