Mount Alvernia High School, Newton, Massachusetts

All Seniors at Mount Alvernia High School are required to complete a Senior Symposium project. This project is the culmination of their years of preparation in English and in history. It consists of a research paper for history, an analytical paper for English, reflective essays, and a formal oral presentation, all under the direction of Dr. Melissa Heim, senior history teacher, and Miss Eileen McLaughlin, senior English teacher.
The students' papers are bound and become part of the permanent collection in the school library. This Web site presents an overview of each student's Symposium papers. In addition, each senior art student completes a Senior Art Thesis, under the direction of Mrs. Joan Nelson, senior art teacher. This Web site was created by the senior Advanced Technology classes, under the direction of Mrs. Tanya Finegold.

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Madeline  Chamberlain Victorian Mourning Customs: A Way to Honor the Dead Bram  Stoker  

Siobhan  Culliton Culture, Art, and Ideas: Defining Counterculture in the Greenwich Village of the Fifties Allen  Ginsberg  

Rosalind  Dempsey Ecclesiastical Sanctions Against Divination and Alchemy During the Renaissance Dante  Alighieri  

Lindsay  DiNatale William Martin: The Influence of the Past on the Present William  Martin  

Annamaria  Eder Every Man a King: Huey Long in the Great Depression Robert Penn  Warren  
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