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Raquel Bustillo
Characterization Portrayed by Gregory Maguire
Nationalism and the Grimm brothers
Gregory Maguire
Characterization is the means by which a writer reveals different characters and their personalities. Throughout his novels, Gregory Maguire portrays his characters by describing their different actions, thoughts, appearances, what other characters think or say about them, and most importantly the writers’ idea of any given character. By characterizing famous villains from the Wizard of Oz and Cinderella, Maguire provides readers with a new perspective in understanding the evolution of a villain. When a person is not loved, that person is more apt to become evil. An unloved person feels lost and alone, and feels as if there is no one to turn to because they feel that they cannot depend on anyone in their life.

The Grimm brothers, Jakob and Wilhelm, were two nineteenth century German scholars. They were leaders in the study of philology and folklore. Through their life time they collected folktale from peasant villages throughout Germany. The Grimm brothers did not write these stories in the sense that they invented or created them; rather, they collected them. They went into villages, towns, and country cottages in Germany looking for storytellers. They considered each fairy tale a document not to be tampered with, and were determined to retain the simplicity, flavor, and authenticity of each. The Grimm brothers hoped that their folktales would help unify the German people by giving them a sense of their common heritage. The Grimm brothers were two German scholars who were involved in the unification of Germany through their writings. They believed that through their fairytales they would give Germans a better sense of unity felt by the people who share the same language, history, and culture. Through tales they tried to spread the sense of unity to the Germans.

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