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Bethany  Enos
Kurt Vonnegut: Satire of Religion The Hellís Angels Motorcycle Club
Kurt  Vonnegut
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ďHumor is a rubber sword--it allows you to make a point without drawing blood.Ē These words, spoken by Mary Hirsch, use a vivid metaphor to describe the importance of humor as the ďspice of life;Ē humor is revealed in many forms, one of which is satire. Through the writing exploits of Kurt Vonnegut, much of the foolishness and chaos that exists in our society is humorously criticized through the voice of his opinionated satire. His writings help to bring attention to the normal tactics we may participate in as members of a typical society; not realizing how perverse some of them truly are. Vonnegutís satire on the corruption of most organized religion is a focus of in many of his books. His writing is unique, deviating from the traditional style that most authors use. With his use of science fiction and his comical black humor, Vonnegut has paved the way for literary deviance to flourish abundantly.

Throughout the world, the motorcycle has long been a symbol of liberty and excitement. Motorcycle owners, who held deep regard for their machines, formed organizations such as the Hellís Angels Motorcycle Club with other aficionados. Although much of the publicity that the club received was negative, giving the impression that the club was formed by mere criminals and bandits, the actual facts about the underlying nature of the club are often overlooked and misunderstood. Presently, in 2002, the Hellís Angels are considered to be the largest, most powerful, and most influential outlaw motorcycle group in the world. Formed in 1948 by ex-bomber pilots and servicemen, the Hellís Angels Motorcycle Club was at the center of controversy for six decades. The free spirit of the motorcycle club exemplified deviance from a society based on traditional customs and values.

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