Charlotte  BrontŽ
Symposium 2001
Mount Alvernia High School, Newton, MA
Cristina Grasso
"The Effects of Mistreatment of Women Through the Novels of Charlotte BrontŽ"
"The Relationship between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert"

ďForget the past and live in the present hour.Ē These are words of Sarah Knowles Bolten. The characters in Charlotte BrontŽís novels Jane Eyre, Emma, and Vilette are autobiographically symbolic of the effects of both physical and emotional abuse. The characters are also able to overcome their feelings and achieve their goals. The characters in BrontŽís novels fit Boltenís quote because they are all able to forgive those who hurt them in the past. They all want to have a better life and want to achieve as women. By not following the example of those who had raised them, Emma, Jane, and Lucy are stronger women.

Queen Victoria had a difficult life and experienced hardships as a wife, a mother, and a ruler. Although the British looked upon the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as what a perfect Victorian marriage should be, they were unaware of their private lives. The couple experienced happiness but also many disappointments. Although they were always together, they also allowed each other the freedom to accomplish their individual goals. Sarah Boltenís quote describes the relationship between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Whatever hardships they faced must be put in the past as they faced each present hour. They also respected one another and were able to give each other the freedom they needed to accomplish their own goals.

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