Dorothy  Parker
Symposium 2001
Mount Alvernia High School, Newton, MA
Jillian DeBaie
“Dorothy Parker: A Lifetime of Failed Relationships”
“The Rockefellers: Power, Control, and Wealth”

John D. Rockefeller, Sr., John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller were all connected by common goals of power, wealth, and control. Through Standard Oil, John, Sr. was able to create an empire of wealth and control over his business. John, Jr. used his wealth as a means of philanthropy. Through philanthropy he gained influence and control in many of his projects. Nelson gained control and power through his political ambitions. He held the positions of Governor of New York State and Vice-President of the United States under Gerald Ford. The wealth of these three Rockefeller men enabled them to achieve their goals.

While John, Jr. was using his money for philanthropy, Dorothy Parker was writing short stories and articles using the theme of failed relationships. Dorothy Parker’s life was consumed by failed relationships. These failed relationships between family, friends, and romances are present in her stories. Through her characters in The Complete Stories and The Portable Dorothy Parker, she symbolizes her own life’s failed relationships. Her witty, realistic writing shows how people react to failed relationships. Parker’s autobiographical stories contain explanations and outcomes of different types of failed relationships. Her stories create scenarios of failed relationships that are drawn from her own life.

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