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School Scholar Award
Incoming students to grade 7 scoring a cumulative score above 95% on the entrance exam will receive a school scholar award. The award is renewable as long as the recipient maintains a 87 average and chooses the highest course level offered in each subject.

Franciscan scholarships
Academic scholarships are awarded to incoming seventh graders based on their achievement on the entrance examination and the fulfillment of all other admissions requirements (admissions application, elementary school grades, recommendations from elementary school teachers, and a personal interview). These scholarships are renewable annually, as long as the recipient maintains a 87 average and chooses the highest course level offered in each subject each academic year.

The Saint Clare of Assisi Scholarship honors the opening of the American novitiate of the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception on Manet Road in Newton in 1912. Both the Manet Road address and later the Centre Street property have been the sites for training members of the religious congregation as well as many students. To recognize the central place that Newton has had in the order's American missions, $2500.00 is awarded to an incoming grade seven student who is a resident of Newton.

The Saint Anthony of Padua Scholarship honors the first convent school of the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception in Boston, which was opened on the feast of Saint Anthony of Padua, June 13, 1902. To celebrate the outstanding dedication of those pioneer sisters and their dedication to the ministry of education, $2500.00 is awarded to an incoming grade seven student who is a resident of Boston.

The Saint Agnes of Assisi Scholarship is established in honor of the younger sister of St. Clare. Like her sister, Agnes became a follower of St. Francis and shared a life of poverty and penance. As an abbess of the Poor Clares she was known for her virtue and kindness. To celebrate the tradition of the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception and their dedication to the ministry of education, $2500.00 is awarded to an incoming student.

Criteria for initial award of all Franciscan scholarships:
The student:

  • Completes the Mount Alvernia High School application process
  • Scores at least 95% on the Mount Alvernia High School entrance exam
  • Has an elementary school GPA of at least B+
  • Obtains a letter of recommendation from her elementary school Head of School
  • Demonstrates a record of school or community service
  • Demonstrates a record of leadership

    Criteria for renewal of all School Scholar and Franciscan Scholarships
    The student:

  • Is representative of Mount Alvernia High School
  • Achieves honor roll status
  • Shows evidence of leadership, service and character
  • Completes the number of community service hours consistent with her grade level
  • Actively participates in co-curricular activities
  • Maintains a 87 average and chooses the highest course level offered in each subject

Special or Commemorative Scholarships are awarded at the annual Elizabeth Hayes Foundress Day Ceremony in May and share the following general criteria:

1. The student is representative of Mount Alvernia High School.
2. The student demonstrates consistent effort in academics.
3. The student shows evidence of leadership, service, and character.
4. The student has completed the required number of community service hours.
5. The student has actively participated in co-curricular activities each year.

  • The Sophie Anne Krahmer Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $500 is awarded annually to two students in memory of Sophie Anne Krahmer, a member of the Class of 1985. The scholarship is awarded to the student who meets daily challenges with grace, perseverance, and patience. The recipient demonstrates a very strong loyalty to commitment.

  • The Sarno Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually in the amount of $250 to a student in each level, grades 9-12, who excels during the school year.

  • The Prom Fashion Show Scholarships are $1500 scholarships awarded to students who display the characteristics listed above. This award may be renewed annually.

  • The Grade 7 Achievement Award is awarded in the amount of $500 to a seventh grade student who displays the characteristics listed above. This is a one time award.

  • The Sister Mark Kelly Community Service Scholarship is a $1000 scholarship that is awarded to the graduating senior student who has exhibited the true spirit of service that Sister Mark, a Franciscan, exemplified in her many years of ministering to the poor in Brooklyn, New York.

  • The Sullivan Family Scholarship is awarded at the discretion of the Head of School and a faculty committee to a student from Brighton who requires family assistance. The award will continue if the student shows consistent effort, is representative of Mount Alvernia High School, and shows evidence of service and character.

  • The Sister Stella Maris McNamara Junior Writing Award is given to the student in the junior class who best exhibits a love of language, an understanding of the art and craft of writing, and an awareness of the power of the written word to enlighten the mind, persuade the heart, and inspire the spirit.

  • Sr. Jeremiah O'Sullivan Math Awards are established to honor Sr. Jeremiah's years of service to the school and her unwavering belief in the potential of all young women to challenge themselves in the study of mathematics. These special one time awards of $500.00 towards tuition recognize the top math students in grades 9,10 and 11 at each level, Advanced Honors, Honors and College Prep.

  • Sr. Anna Marie Ford History Award is given to a student who is in the process of developing a life-long interest and commitment to understanding, questioning, and writing about the past. It is awarded to a student who appreciates, as did Sister Anna Marie Ford, the links between the past, our present, and the future. The bridge pin, presented to the recipient, symbolizes the way in which the study of history serves as a bridge linking us in the present both to the past and to the future.

  • The James Mannering Scholarship is a $1000.00 scholarship given to a senior from the Parkway area who exhibits love of country and demonstrates this through an essay which is judged by the Mannering family.

  • The Paul St. Martin Memorial Scholarship is a $1,000.00 scholarship awarded annually to a junior who has played soccer for three years and has frequently achieved academic honors or effort recognition. The award is given in acknowledgement of the student's dedication to personal excellence and her commitment to the ideals of teamwork. This award will be applied to the student's senior year tuition.

  • The George Vance Dow Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship is awarded annually to one student for $500.00 in memory of George V. Dow. The scholarship is awarded to the student who demonstrates academic excellence in science and theology and is representative of the Mount Alvernia tradition and the Franciscan philosophy. The recipient is willing to question the world around her and work toward its betterment with humility, dignity, and a deep respect for all people.

  • The Gift of Giving Scholarship is given in memory of the Bonica and Lynch families to honor the community service of a student in grades nine through twelve. Students may apply for the award of $300.00 by writing a 300-500 word essay entitled "How Community Service Has Changed My Life." Members of the family and a scholarship committee will evaluate the anonymous essays.

  • The Arthur W. O'Leary Academic Achievement Award is given annually to a student in the senior class who meets the following requirements:

    Is strong in academics
    Has a true love for learning
    Is committed to bettering herself throughout life

  • The St. Francis School Service Award is given to a senior who has made a significant contribution to the life of the school. This award of $300.00 recognizes the student's consistent service during her years at Mount Alvernia High School

  • The Franchi Family Scholarship is a $1000.00 award given annually to a 9th grade student whose love of learning and extraordinary effort embody the values of Sr. Julie's parents, Giulio and Agatha Franchi.

  • The Spirit of Friendship Award is given to a junior whose character, integrity, and spirit are reflective of Mount Alvernia ideals both on and off campus. The award of $400.00 was established in 2006 by six friends and alumnae from the class of 2001 (Briana Foley, Michelle Herlihy, Alison Keeley, Elizabeth Kerrigan, Sandra McDonald, Natalie Patey) in gratitude for their own experience at Mount Alvernia.

  • The Betty Lou Coffey Memorial Scholarship is given to a member of the sophomore or junior class, who has demonstrated an independent spirit while exhibiting kindness and generosity towards her classmates and an appreciation of her family. The recipient will receive a one time award of $1000.00 and a bouquet of yellow roses.

  • The Genevieve Ferullo Memorial Award of $500.00 is presented to a student in memory of Genevieve Ferullo. Her daughters, Donna Ferullo '74 and Maria Ferullo Dutra '71 haveestablished this award to honor the artistic and creative talents of their mother. The recipient should exhibit similar abilities.
  • The Karen Klein McNulty Memorial Scholarship of $600.00 is awarded annually to a student in memory of Karen Klein McNulty, a member of the class of 1991. This scholarship is awarded to a student who exemplifies the virtues of creativity, compassion, curiosity and courage.
  • The Bernard W. O'Rourke Scholarship established in 2007 by family, friends and colleagues honors Dr. O'Rourke's spirit, determination and unfailing commitment to his family, his teaching and his students. This scholarship in the amount of $500.00 is awarded each year to a sophomore or junior who demonstrates character, commitment to her goals, and a willingness to accept and overcome difficult academic challenges.

A committee composed of teachers from each grade level will nominate students for these scholarships.
Final decision resides with the Head of School

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